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I provide you with tools and education for sustainable health.

Menu Planning

Nutrition is the basis for good health, so eating a diet full of colorful vegetables and fruit is essential.

Recipe Revamps

Get together with some of your friends and transform three of your favorite dishes into a healthy version without risking flavor. They’ll taste so good your family will never know the difference.

Healthy Happy Hour

Meet and greet events in Rochester highlighting healthy appetizers and beverage while providing you with a community of people with whom to share your success learn new health tips, recipes and create a supportive network.

Cooking Demonstrations

A variety of classes for the novice and more experienced cooks. Classes focus on local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Watch and learn or work along with Denise during class. Recipes for the dishes make it class are available for you to take home and try yourself.

L.E.A.N. Essentials

An introductory 2 hour fast paced and interactive class based on the LEAN Start Program

L.E.A.N Start

Three or six week workshop for parents, teachers and child care providers focusing on children 13 years and under. By educating participants in simple techniques they can implement everyday helps their kids develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Children who develop healthy habits experience better behavior, improved academic performance, restful sleep and they grow into happy, healthy adults.

Dr. Sears Prime Time Health

We cover four health topics that will benefit all audiences; those 40-50 years of age in preventative mode, prime timers who are in repair mode and young parents who want to help their own parents find the good health. PTH is designed to help participants: understand how their body changes as they age, prevent disease, have better memory, enjoy restful sleep, get fit and feel great!

Kick Start Programs for Weight loss

Sometimes, people need a kick-start for weight loss. Through my relationships with nationally-recognized nutrition and weight loss groups (Optavia and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine), I can provide this guidance if we decide it is the best first step.

60 Days to a Better You!

Its not about being perfect, Its about being better. Better tomorrow than you are today, eating better, living better, sleeping better and feeling better. This program focused on health, wellness and weight loss and includes lessons, assignments, recipes and support sessions.